People Centric . Data First . Health Forward.

a subsidiary of Excelera Health

Developing a new global model of care through physician leadership, financial re-engineering, analytic technology and precision medicine to change healthcare for good.

Payer + Provider + Guidance


Re-Engineering an Ecosystem to Making Doing Right, Business Right

Financials Focused

on Member Value

Redesigned the base medical and pharmacy product to drive vertical alignment by recontracting every stakeholder relationship to be shared risk.

360° Data

Driven Delivery

 We’ve rebuilt all our processes to be data-enabled so everyday as an org we get smarter and better, not just tech enabled which is the same old processes just faster.

A Guided

Health Experience

We’re rethinking every touch point from registration, to office visits, to home health, and beyond. Our focus is to deliver effective care and a guided health experience filled with compassion and respect for our members.

Just Imagine a

Payer + Provider + Guidance

All On The Same Data Rails


Powered by AI, Genomics &

Precision Medicine


Welcome to


We’re not thinking as a health plan.

We’re using data to impact our world and human beings in very different ways to deliver effective care. And we’re delivering it with compassion and respect for our members.


We’re using A.I. to accelerate excellence in healthcare. Our goal is to predict which segments of the population — which individuals — may be at higher risk and then intervene quicker to improve their health outcomes.

Genomics and Precision Medicine

Connected Care is at a unique junction in the history of how healthcare is being managed. We’re looking to take genomic testing and other advanced testing methodologies to empower patients and providers with information on patients’ unique genetic makeup and how they can best be treated. With genomics, we have that ability to do on a patient-by-patient basis. That’s very powerful.


Our vision is to be

the most trusted and

innovative healthcare partner.

We’re here to transform healthcare
by inspiring excellence, connecting people,
and empowering  one another through compassion.










We believe care and health are global

At ConnectedCare, we have built a delivery model through partnerships across the United States, India, and China. All, so we bring the world’s best talent and skills to each of our members in the most cost affordable way. We’re building a new model of care as part of the New Healthcare Stack.

Data-First . Global . Experience Centric